What is the DAI price (USD) today?

DAI price (USD) today

The DAI price (USD) today, as of 24th of May, is 0.99895503. The price of this stablecoin, in this case, will not vary much, and the volatility will not be similar to that of cryptocurrencies because one of its main characteristics is that the price is directly related to the US dollar. This means that there may be slight variation, but it will always remain practically the same.

These types of coins, known as stablecoins, are perfect for people who want to enter into the digital asset market, but are a little more cautious.

Seeing as how Bitcoin was worth around 70 thousand dollars in 2021 and has now dropped below 30 thousand dollars – losing more than half of the value it reached at its peak – or in the case of Ethereum where it also peaked high, then fell sharply, the DAI is a good option.

That’s why knowing the DAI price (USD) today can be a determining factor in whether you want to get into digital assets. The best option is to use Bitso, a secure platform that even has a free downloadable app on the App Store and Google Play that is very easy to use.

What is DAI (crypto)?

DAI is one of the most popular stablecoins on the market. With its high acceptance, it is widely used in the crypto ecosystem. Blockchain technology is increasingly present in the global market, which is why many people wonder about the DAI price (USD) today. The truth is that this value tries to stay at the same value as the US dollar and is the only one that has anchored itself to this currency.

What makes the DAI different from other cryptocurrencies is that it is not volatile. For people who are just starting to learn about crypto, it is a very good option. Several people are even using it to be able to fight inflation in their respective countries and also as a new way to save cash.

The DAI is also known as the digital dollar because of its features. This is why thinking about the DAI price (USD) today can be easy to answer, as its value is very close to that of the dollar. This stablecoin is generated by users’ collateral deposits which helps to maintain its price.

DAI is based on Ethereum, created by the decentralised autonomous organisation MakerDAO. In other words, it was not just one person who created this coin, as tends to happen in other cases, but is part of comprehensive decisions made within the organisation.

The currency has the Maker protocol and if we were to highlight anything, it would be the fact it allows you to buy dollars outside the established limits. This is why knowing the DAI price (USD) today can be relevant.

In several countries, problems can occur when exchanging dollars, so entering into the digital world and having the option of keeping assets with DAI appears to be a good for whom it may concern. That is why the DAI price (USD) today is one of the most sought after topics on the main global exchanges.

What are the advantages of using DAI?

One of the main reasons is that it does not fluctuate like cryptocurrencies, so checking the DAI price (USD) today should not be as complex. It will always have the closest value to the dollar. Moreover, precisely because it has the same price as the US currency – which is used practically all over the world – it is easy to send remittances.

You can also make payments online and from abroad, which is another advantage that other cryptocurrencies also have. Moreover, if at some point you feel you want to experiment with more volatile cryptocurrencies, you can exchange your DAI for them without any problem.

The security provided by its internal system and the track record behind it also makes it an easy decision to make. The DAI price (USD) today you know has stability.

As it is decentralised, like most cryptocurrencies, it does not depend on any bank, so there is no risk of accounts being frozen or closed due to internal problems at these institutions. As it has the same value as the dollar, according to the DAI price (USD) today, you also know exactly how much you are going to get if you want to convert it into FIAT money.

In some cases it can even be used as an investment and you can earn interest with your money that is invested in DAI. But, if it has one peculiarity, it is that it cannot be used as collateral in all cases and some people may find it difficult to understand even though they know that the DAI price (USD) today is practically the value of the dollar.

Does the market affect the DAI price (USD) today?

DAI is a stablecoin, so as this feature points out, it is one of the most stable ones out there by maintaining its price the same dollar. Although the DAI price (USD) today remains a constant question for people who are just entering the crypto ecosystem, those who already have experience or know more, know what its value is.

What they also know is that small variations can appear depending on what happens globally, such as the case of rising interest rates of central banks as happened in the United States, or other factors such as the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, the movements should not affect the DAI price (USD) today.

Where can I find the DAI price (USD) today?

One of the best options you can get to find out the DAI price (USD) today is Bitso. This Mexican exchange is one of the most secure exchanges in existence and is backed by international certifications. With an easy-to-use application, you can create your account in just a few steps and also check the cryptocurrencies prices.

As we have been able to review, the DAI price (USD) today is a relevant topic for many people who are looking to enter the crypto ecosystem and want to make a slightly safer investment. About the DAI (crypto) price prediction, specialists agree that it will remain with the same value as a US dollar or very close to it, fluctuating a little higher or a little lower, but not by much.