What is the GALA price (USD) today?

GALA price (USD) today

The GALA price (USD) today is a relative question, because it depends on the day and the exact time. On 18 May 2023, its price was 0.030958 USD and had decreased by just over 3% compared to the previous day, far from its historical price in 2021, to which many expect it to rebound. GALA, like all cryptocurrencies, can fluctuate in value and this depends on many factors.

Here we are going to tell you about the history of this crypto, the GALA price (USD) today, and its various fluctuations from its creation to the present day. GALA, as well as most other cryptocurrencies, can be managed safely and securely on the Bitso platform.

What is GALA?

GALA is the utility token on the Gala Games gaming platform. It was created in 2020 and is used to send and receive payments within the platform. It is often used to pay for in-game items and as an exchange method.

If you know a thing or two about the GALA price (USD) today you probably know that it has had weeks where it grew up to 230%, but it is the downward trend that has left more of a mark in recent times.

Gala Games aims to become the largest gaming ecosystem in the blockchain world. That is why they created their own ERC-20 token, which can be sent to other accounts, e-wallets and ecosystems via the Ethereum network. Being on the Ethereum network also provides greater security for users and the funds held there. 

Gala Games‘ first game, called Town Star, rewards top performers with GALA tokens. It is a decentralised gaming network, so it is different from the rest as it even has its own methods of token distribution. They have a total of 15 games, although some are in beta and have an impact on the GALA price (USD) today

Being part of the “play to earn” genre, which means that players can receive prizes or rewards as they progress or develop the game, you can also use these for trades or to sell them. Finally, this type of token is also known as a gamecoin. So, if one thinks about the GALA price (USD) today this is also related to the development of the games.

How does the market affect the GALA price (USD) today?

The GALA price (USD) today is determined by the market. Since its creation, it has had different curves, both up and down, as has happened with most cryptocurrencies. At the beginning of 2023, GALA rose by almost 140% in one week, being the best performer among the 100 most popular cryptocurrencies. 

However, it has not been able to keep up and has fallen over time to 0.03 USD today. A far cry from its all-time high of 0.8248 USD in November 2021, which coincidentally or not, was also Bitcoin’s highest peak. The GALA price (USD) today is mainly due to events in the last 24 hours.

All other longer-term upward or downward trends have been determined by the market, as well as external factors such as rising interest rates in the central banks of the world’s major countries, the war between Russia and Ukraine or regulation in specific countries. That is why making a GALA (crypto) price prediction can be so difficult. 

What investors usually do is to buy when the price is down and wait for the next halving, which could happen during 2024, to make a profit. Right now, out of the GALA price (USD) today, a lot of people are gonna ask is GALA (crypto) a good investment? GALA is not among the top 100 cryptocurrencies today (at its peak it was), so you need to do a thorough analysis beforehand.

Where can I find the gala price (USD) today?

You can find the GALA price (USD) today in Bitso, one of the safest platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. If you wanna find the cryptocurrencies prices, Bitso is also the right place to do it. On their website you can find the prices of the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Mana, Solana, among others.

The truth is that more and more people are experimenting with cryptocurrencies – as well as finding out the GALA price (USD) today, since digital assets have long been part of the new trends that dominate the world, and using crypto has some benefits that you will not find with traditional channels, such as being able to make international shipments immediately, with almost no commission. 

Some people also use crypto to make payments, not only online, but also in physical shops where this type of payment is already accepted. In some countries, part of the payment of salaries is done with crypto and even the payment of taxes. Its use is becoming more and more common. That is why it is also good to know the GALA price (USD) today

What is the best exchange to get GALA?

You should not only think about the GALA price (USD) today. You also need to know where you can buy it. The answer is Bitso, a unicorn of the sector in Latin America that is licensed by a regular and has security as its priority.

This is vital for users who like to know their funds are protected. The DLT licence certifies that the platform has been audited by a third party and has been subjected to various evaluations in order to get this seal of approval. 

Creating an account with Bitso is quite easy. You can do it on the website or the application. There you will have to fill in personal details and accept the terms and conditions. You will then receive an email with a code to verify the information and also an SMS to your mobile phone. Following these steps, your account will be activated.

If you have already decided to use the platform, you can also download the Bitso app, which can be found on both the App Store and Google Play. It is very easy to use, the menu is simple and from there you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as find out the GALA price (USD) today if you are interested in having it in your portfolio.