What is the TRON price (USD) today?

TRON price (USD) today

The TRON price (USD) today, 22 of may, is 0.078. But like all cryptocurrencies and tokens, their prices vary from day to day and even hour to hour. One of their characteristics is volatility, so it is worth learning to read the market for digital assets as they can bring you economic benefits.

Some cryptocurrency websites see that TRON has a lot of potential and is far away from the TRON price (USD) today. According to the prediction model they use, it could go as high as $0.1531 in 2025.

However, those who know the market in depth know that there can be several factors that can affect the value of any digital asset, so you need to know the latest trends and be constantly in the know.

What is TRON (crypto)?

TRON (TRX) is one of the projects to have been considered one of the most ambitious ever due to its attempt at being a highly scalable, inexpensive platform for smart contracts, popular DApps and decentralised storage. For this reason, many people are keeping an eye on what is the TRON price (USD) today

Some people have pointed out that it is like a technical improvement to Ethereum because it has the ability to do more things thanks to the adaptation of other technologies, which have even led it to having a high valuation.

Because of this, the crypto created by the Chinese Justin Sun in 2017, which leads us to ask which is the TRON price (USD) today, has caused a sensation since its creation. 

However, despite the fact that it has been developed by the TRON Foundation, there is also controversy surrounding it – mostly due to the presence of its founder, Sun. An ICO was used to finance the development of this crypto, for which they were able to raise 70 million dollars. 

With this, 100 billion tokens were issued – without knowing exactly the TRON price (USD) today – and the controversy was born as it all happened before China blocked ICOs. It was in June 2018 that the project was launched when the first block was mined.

This was not the only controversy surrounding the project, as Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, stated that the TRON white paper was practically the same as the cryptocurrency he had created. For some, it was just a new protocol with some other copies that sparked debate on social networks such as Twitter. But the truth is that this has happened many times.

It also happened with Bitcoin, that the cryptocurrencies that followed were based on the White Paper and the technology that BTC had implemented.

TRON, with the use of DPoS, managed to create a rapid platform, so for its end users it has been a benefit. That is why they are asking for the TRON price (USD) today, with it generating more and more attention from those who follow cryptocurrencies.

What affects the TRON price (USD) today?

The TRON price (USD) today depends on the market, and this depends on what happens in terms of the curves that digital assets have in general. 

We have already seen several curves in the price of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the same thing that happens with TRON, although it has not reached such a large scale. However, as we know, there are many factors that can affect it such as the politics of the main countries in the world, regulation and many others..

Also supply and demand and even some speculative practices that can make the price vary even from hour to hour. That is why cryptocurrencies prices must be followed closely as in some cases they are related to each other.

It is normal that if one goes down in value, so do others. And the same is true when the curve is upwards. The TRON price (USD) today should also be followed closely by specialists.

Is TRON a good investment?

This will depend on when they want to make the purchase and what trend the market is setting. What traders usually do to look for some kind of profit is to buy when the price is down and hope that in a few days or months it can recover and surpass the previous value. That is why the TRON price (USD) today is so important in this context. 

A lot of people are asking about TRON (crypto) price prediction, and there are some resources that are showing it could reach $0.1531 in 2025.

This would be their all-time high price – really far from the TRON price (USD) today -, but there is still a lot of time and changes that can determine if they get to that number. There were a lot of cases, such as Terra Luna, that reached more than 100 (USD) and now the value is really low, less than 0.0003.

However, if there is something different about TRON, it is that it has an innovative differential in the way it works, which is why the TRON price (USD) today is a recurring question. Its decentralised storage is one of its source points, where DApps shine. Its idea is to be scalable and to have a functional content transmission network. 

That’s why it is also agreed that in 2025 it could reach its price ceiling, as its creator Justin Sun believes that this is when it will reach its performance capacity. 

Where can I find the TRON price (USD) today?

You can find the TRON price (USD) today on Bitso, a very reliable and easy to use platform. If you are wondering where to buy TRON, you can do it in this exchange.

Also they have an app, which can be found on the App Store and Google Play where you can also check the price of other cryptocurrencies and receive daily reports of what their peaks have been to analyse this exciting ecosystem.

Although, on average, in most countries the adoption of cryptocurrencies varies between 5% and 10%, more and more people are trying these digital assets that currently serve to make payments for products or services, in addition to making international transfers with virtually no commission, among other advantages. 

That is why the TRON price (USD) today is necessary information.