Cybersecurity Rewards Program

programa de recompensas de ciberseguridad

At Bitso, we are committed to providing the highest security standards and responding to the trust that you have placed in us while using our services.

As part of our efforts to offer you the best protection for your funds, we launched a Bug Bounty program, by means of which we encourage security experts and the community, in general, to report security vulnerabilities on our platform and applications, where Bitso recognizes and thanks you with economic retributions.

What is a rewards program?

The rewards program also known as Bug Bounty, is a focused initiative, but not limited, to people who can identify security bugs on platforms that support their companies, through which researchers can receive economic compensation and acknowledgment for their findings.

The purpose of this rewards program is to detect potential security vulnerabilities and resolve them before they may have negative consequences for the organization, but mainly before they can impact other users.

This collaboration program between Bitso and the community allows us to continually improve and keep up-to-date with the new risks and security threats facing us.

For Bitso, security has always been a priority and since 2014 when we started operations, we decided to include this type of program as part of a new cybersecurity strategy.

In 2016, we started working with the leading international rewards platform: HackerOne. Currently, just like Bitso, several Fortune 500 companies work with HackerOne, such as: Starbucks, Nintendo, PayPal, Toyota, and Spotify.

What kind of program do we offer?

As of March 2023, the Bitso rewards program is public and open to all registered users in HackerOne.

HackerOne provides two types of programs: public and private. Private programs are restricted to invited users only, whereas public programs are open to any user registered on HackerOne who can report vulnerabilities and findings.

At Bitso, we recognize the importance of collective collaboration to strengthen our organization, users, and community. Therefore, we recently decided to have a public program that increased the exposure of our platform and applications to over 830,000 experts, researchers, and security professionals worldwide according to the February 2023 HackerOne Report.

This program is crucial for Bitso, as we have worked with security researchers and the HackerOne team for seven years to enhance security elements on our platform and services.

So far, we have rewarded around $75,000 USD to recognize the effort and support of these experts. We are optimistic that this program will continue to grow and be an integral part of our cybersecurity strategy, promoting collaboration and efforts within the Bitso community for the benefit of all.

If you want to participate in our Bug Bounty program, visit

Happy Hacking!

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