What is the Apecoin price (USD) today?

Apecoin price (USD) today

The Apecoin price (USD) today is determined by a huge active community at the forefront of web3 innovation. Even if nowadays it is not the highest-ranked crypto on the market, Apecoin offers a great investment opportunity. Its decentralized autonomous organization has made a mark on the history of new technologies and digital life.

The key to its success is that Apecoin was developed as a support token for the transactions of the most famous NFT collection in the world: Bored Ape Yacht Club

You might have seen these famous cartoon monkeys on the metaverse, on social networks such as Instagram or Twitter, or even in street art. Thousands have adopted them as profile avatars and unique digital collectibles.

They are variations of the same pop-culture chimpanzee character, inspired by the digital world. Some also say they look like 90’s Nickelodeon cartoon characters. What makes them unique is that they have different expressions and appearances, changing colors or clothing.

The most valuable ones are either golden or with flashy psychedelic patterns. They can also include caps, sunglasses, crowns, beanies and horns, as well as other unique accessories.

But it is not only about having fun or the FOMO of getting your own Bored Ape, they are actually very valuable. Just to offer a glimpse, the most expensive Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have been sold for more than 3 million USD.

Now you might wonder who its owners are. It is actually an exclusive community based on the blockchain. Singer Justin Bieber, tv host Jimmy Fallon, rapper Eminem, top athletes such as Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, LaMelo Ball and actress Gwyneth Paltrow make up the list of collectors.

But it is not a private club, anyone can become a member by investing in the project. Wondering what the Apecoin price (USD) is today? Get your wallet ready, because the Apecoin price (USD) today, in May 2023 at least, is estimated at only around 3.50 USD.

That is why experienced holders and traders consider it as an accessible investment opportunity. to invest. Although some of its major strengths are the vibrant community around it, the popularity of the NFTs, and their cultural impact.

What is Apecoin? The story behind this crypto trend

Before learning details on how to trade, what the best moments are to buy and what the Apecoin price (USD) today in real-time, we must talk about the history of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

In April 2021, developers from Yuga Lab studio innovated in the digital asset market by adding a narrative to its brand-new collection of NFTs. They created Bored Ape Yacht Club as an exclusive digital space where crypto holders and traders could network, discuss investments, news and projects or even share memes.

The storyline they created follows this path: “The year is 2031. Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken over the world. Everyone who invested in cryptocurrency is rich beyond their wildest dreams. But now everyone is bored and wants to hang out with other like-minded apes. To do that, they need to go to a special place”.

Through this narrative, Yuga Labs studio created a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. They are cartoon ape characters, considered pieces of digital art and unique avatars. Each one is different from the other and has a high value, which is why they are considered collectibles.

The CryptoPunks tokens were one of the main digital culture references for the developers of Bored Ape. CryptoPunks is a collection of avatars represented in 8-bit graphics like the older video games, but with different characteristics and rarity that add value.

So why did they choose boring apes? Yuga Lab developers have explained that they were inspired by the phrase “aping in”. That slang is popular among crypto traders referring to the moment when they begin to invest in a new asset without much interest or expecting low profits, mainly because there is no great investment risk.

After the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club, in March 2022 its developers launched a digital currency to make transactions easier. Apecoin was born as a decentralized governance cryptocurrency with the purpose of pushing culture into the metaverse.

Bored Ape owners not only have an exclusive token but also the rights of image and access to a private web3 club. This allowed its decentralized autonomous community to increase interactions and build a sustainable ecosystem.

What determines the Apecoin price (USD) today?

Apecoin price (USD) today is not determined only by the exchange market. The activity of its community has a leading role!

Analysts have highlighted the strategy that Yuga Lab used to promote the Bored Ape Yacht Club

The studio managed to quickly create a global trend while millions around the world were spending more time online during the pandemic. This allowed the Apecoin price (USD) today to remain attractive in the market by representing a community of innovation.

Its founding letter is Apecoin’s DAO, short for its decentralized autonomous organization. It works with a model in which the fundamental idea is to carry out transactions without the need for intermediaries, quickly and transparently, using blockchain technology.

Sound familiar? Yes, that’s the main idea behind the development of web3 and hoping for independence from banks, credits and the traditional finance system.

Apecoin is not only used to make transactions such as acquiring NFTs. It also works as a governance and utility token for your community, such as voting for project improvements.

Seen in this light, Apecoin price (USD) today is the gateway to an exclusive community that drives innovations in blockchain technology.

Of course, to define Apecoin price (USD) today, the trading market keeps an eye on new applications or development plans voted on by the community. That is why we can say that Apecoin price (USD) today also depends on its owners.

What is the Apecoin price prediction for 2025?

It is important to note that Apecoin price (USD) today is also directly related to crypto mining. 

From its foundation and protocol, the total supply of Apecoin is permanently fixed at 1 billion tokens. By now, around 300 million coins are already in circulation. That represents 30% of the maximum offer. 

Its allocation also determines that “no minting capability is exposed through the contract interface, thus the total supply will never increase”. At the same time, the interface does not have token-burning capability, so the total supply will never decrease either.

Is Apecoin a good investment? Heading towards 2025, analysts have considered Apecoin as one of the cryptocurrencies that could take Bitcoin’s leading role in the future. The main reason is that its ecosystem has big growth opportunities as NFTs, gaming, the metaverse and digital culture in general become more relevant for younger generations.

Investing in Apecoin or other cryptos is a highly recommended alternative to make money work better, have the opportunity to earn extra profit and join an innovative web3 community.

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What is the best way to interpret Apecoin price (USD) today? Another very useful tip, especially for investing in this crypto, is to closely follow its social networks and discussion channels to find out first-hand about its innovations.

Also, the Apecoin price (USD) today will give you the guideline to increase your investments or wait for a better moment in the market.